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Young Graphic Designers Skills Competition

The Secondary School of Printing in Olomouc organizes this school year´s Young Graphic Designers Skills Competition. The competition takes place under the auspices of the Ministry of Education which together with the city of Olomouc contributes to the financial security of the competition. The competition takes place from 4th to 6th April 2017 and is intended for pupils of printing schools and art schools teaching the branch of Reproductive graphic designer for media (34-53-L/01).
It is possible to send the obligatory application form only in the period from 1st to 30th November 2016 by e-mail to skola@polygraficka.cz. The application form can be downloaded here. The capacity of the competition is limited to 12 two-member competing teams, the order of applications received is decisive for inclusion in the competition. Each school may enter one competing team.
In the process of the competition there will be exercised three competing tasks that consist of graphic design and technical elaboration of a given topic. The contestants will process promotional materials for major organizations of the Olomouc region. The teams will receive processing conditions, texts and photographs necessary for making the first task of the competition one month in advance and they will bring completely processed and printed works with them to the competition. The teams will process other two tasks during the competition within the specified time limit. The processing will be carried out in the computer labs of the organizing school in Adobe Creative Cloud.

A five-member jury from the ranks of professionals in graphic arts, photography, advertising and multimedia will evaluate creativity, graphic and technical processing. There will be a festive evaluation of the competition combined with awarding prizes to the winning teams last day of the competition.

The aim of the competition is to compare the skills of teams from various participating schools to establish contacts between the same industry-focused schools and ultimately to obtain and exchange experiences from processing and implementation of the contract at working under time pressure.

Accommodation, board and accompanying program are paid for the competing teams and one member of teacher attendance within the competition.

Detailed information about the course and schedule of the competition will be sent to the registered schools. Samples of work from the previous year can be viewed at www.soutezgrafiku.cz

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