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The name of the branch: Polygraphy

Code domain 34-41-M/01
The achieved level of education: secondary education with a graduation certificate

This four-year technological degree course is designed for boys and girls with good grades from primary school. The aim of the study area is versatile knowledge in all fields of printing production, from the technical preparation for production, computer image and text processing, the preparation of printing forms, print production, including quality management methods as well as modern methods of finishing prints. Part of the course is the choice and calculation of the consumption of materials, determination of price calculations and optimization of technological processes. The curriculum consists of theoretical studying and practical training.

Graduate employment:
The polygraph branch graduate is a secondary educated worker with general and vocational education. He/she has comprehensive knowledge of the printing industry and its individual parts. The graduate finds employment especially in the manufacturing and engineering departments of printing companies, but also in graphic studios, advertising agencies and in publishing houses. They can also be employed in positions of agents, officers and in the management of printing companies. The graduates who successfully pass graduation exam may continue to study at colleges and universities.

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Partner školy

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Školní časopis zaměřený na události z naší školy a novinky ohledně Vysokých škol či polygrafické výroby.


Teoretická výuka
mobil: 777 025 055
e-mail: rollerova@polygraficka.cz
Praktická výuka
mobil: 777 074 053 
e-mail: skyva@polygraficka.cz

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